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Driving to the Nürburging

NOTE: The track is at Nurburg (near Cologne) NOT Nurnburg (north of Munich)!!

Driving Directions from Frankfurt Airport to the Nürburgring (about 2 hours):

If your car is equipped with the Navigation System, let BMW do the work...
Navigation Inputs: Nürburg (city) and Dorint Novotel Hotel (Info on Destination-Hotels)


  • Enter Autobahn A3 at the airport in the direction of Köln and Koblenz
  • Exit A3 at Exit 39 and merge onto Autobahn A48 toward Koblenz and Trier
  • Exit A48 just past Koblenz and merge onto Autobahn A61 toward Köln
  • Take Exit 33, to highway 412 marked for Kempenich and Nürburgring (YES!)
  • Follow signs for Nürburgring and Dorint Hotel