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Car Options

Regular commercial rental cars were used until a few years ago, but most major rental firms in Germany now list “safety driving schools” as forbidden activities; i.e., the insurance is void for such events. Some companies make specific reference to the ‘Ring as verboten, and there have been cases where substantial penalties for excessive wear and tear were charged for cars observed on the ‘Ring. All this to say, using a rental car for public days or the School involves a certain degree of financial risk, and perhaps of being blacklisted by the rental companies.

This year, arrangements have been made with Nürburgring track side race car rental company, RentRaceCar , for BMW CCA participants attending the School. These arrangements allow more free kilometers. Bookings will handled through the School organizer.

RentRaceCar prices for BMWCCA participants for three days and 900 kilometers:

  • Suzuki Swift Sport = 747,- € (these cars have 130hp but weigh only 2000 lbs)
  • VW Golf GTI = 1.299,- €
  • VW Scirocco = 1.349,- €
  • BMW 325i E46 = 1.349,- €
  • BMW 330i = 1.649,- €

Cars available in fleet:

  • 6 x Suzuki Swift Sport
  • 2 x VW Golf GTI
  • 10 x VW Scirocco
  • 1 x BMW 325i
  • 2 x BMW 330i

Other models may be available. Full specs on the Rent-racecar website. RentRaceCar.de

Alternatively, you may wish to make your own arrangements through one of the other track-side firms such as:


Euro-delivery is still feasible, unless the insurance rules change. Taking euro-delivery of a new BMW is a popular way to drive the Ring in your own car and do some touring in Europe. Plan to take delivery at least one week before the school. This will allow time to put the first 1250 miles on the vehicle prior to the School.

Alternatively, it is possible to ship your US car to Europe. See this article from the NY/NJ BMW CCA for more information.